You are Here

I'm happy. This website is my virtual leap off the end of a diving board and into the world of professional musicians in which I have lived for several years. My signpost in the web-scape stating 'You are Here'. My square footage at the bizarre electronic bazaar; my turn to play; my moment to let my light shine. I have that slightly queasy feeling that I have learned to trust because it has preceded most of my decisions that are correct. I'm here - on the www - and that is awesome. My photos on the intro page and every other page were taken by my dear friend Susan Rosmarin; and they capture some of my joy when I perform. They were taken when I was playing at a Twain's jam session, which means I was sharing the stage with some hugely talented players all making beautiful music. It's magic. Like the sky above us changes every day magnificently; every time I play at a jam the number of variables that go into that moment are so boggling - the tune that is called, the key of the tune, the number of other musicians, how they play individually and then how they blend with the others - making this spontaneous experience of sound that takes my breath away some times. I smile because of the wonder of it all. Music is powerful, intense, emotional, fun, exciting, tantalizing, exquisite, fascinating times 10 for jazz - because of the interjection of voice to the sound. My voice. What I am feeling at the moment I play and wish to share with others. Jazz gives musicians permission to make every performance of a standard song unique. It is up to us to make our statement, and if it is authentic, it leaves a big impression on those who hear it. I'm happy for the gift of music - happy to share it with others - happy to be expressing my true self here. In front of a large percentage of the world's population I have turned on the 'Open' sign. May all who come in be warmed and feel welcome.

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