The Little Shepherd Boy

When I was in elementary school, I sang in the all city choir and performed a solo that started: 'I'm just a poor little shepherd boy...'. I sang higher than most of the girls in the choir - this boy soprano, with the white hair, who blushed so much I often caused people to point and stare. This was a seminal moment for me, because my singing was recorded on an LP. My dad bought 3 of them I think - only one survived that I know of, and it was recently damaged. But the memory of that song remains with me. There was one other recording. The first was on a reel-to-reel recorder at home when I was around 2. My dad was an audiophile who cherished his radio/phonograph in a piece of furniture that looks like a credenza. The reel-to-reel rode on top with a big microphone wedged in a table top stand he plugged in to record. I was singing - 'wanna hold hand' over and over - which was my way of trying to sing "I wanna hold your hand" by the Beetles. I laugh at the memory of me singing the Beetles at that age, because most of the music we heard in our house was: Mitch Miller Polka time, Lawrence Welk, the Firestone Christmas albums, some Bluegrass/Country/Folk and lots of gospel hymns my dad would play on the piano. He played clarinet in several bands before he married, and sometimes had 4 gigs a week, according to an ancient 5-year diary of his from the 1930's. He also played accordion and piano. Funny, but I haven't sung in public since those early school days. Perhaps a comeback is in order? As I always say when someone asks me "Do you sing?" I say - 'not yet'.

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