You know your kids come from parents who are musicians when...

1. Your preschooler spontaneously starts singing/saying phrases like 'boom chicky wah wah' or 'be-tah chick, be-tah chick...'

2. Your kids grab chopsticks and start banging on pots and pans

3. You overhear one kid say to the other 'I'm sorry, I can't, I have a gig' or 'I have lots of gigs today'

4. Your daughter makes up songs about the sky, trees, bugs, dogs, cats, sun, moon...

5. The end of the movie must play through the credits because it is a cool song

6. A movie is a good movie because the music is good

7. Your kids dig Charlie Brown because of the tracks

8. Spontaneous dancing occurs with the right song

9. Your kids want to tip the musician

10. Your kids imaginary friends have names like 'buzz-beat bob'

11. You are introduced by your preschooler as 'this is my dad, he plays piano and I play guitar'

12. The kids insist on having a goodnight song to go along with the story

13. The words 'rock and roll' when spoken sound like a radio commercial for a drag race or wrestling event

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