A marketing strategy for bands

So you are a musician, perhaps with a band, and you wonder: how can I get more corporate gigs - like holiday parties, new year's eve parties, client appreciation gigs, etc? I am that musician and I have considered lots of advertising and marketing options. Place some print ads? If so - where and what will you get from that effort? Print some postcards and do a mailing? Where do you get the mailing list? What about an email blast - where do you get the emails to blast? Maybe you could try a trade show - but which one appeals to businesses? Join a chamber of commerce? How about a Google search ad? Or a Facebook or LinkedIn ad? What did I do? I chose to perform with the Tom Olsen Trio at a Social Networking event at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta as the featured music, paying my band myself. What did this investment get me? Exposure - to an audience that I could not otherwise reach as effectively. Our trio logo appeared in the promotional mailings to this audience; we received some publicity from performing at that event in local news outlets; several interested companies at the event liked our music and picked up our information; and we are now well positioned to perform at future gatherings of this group. So - perhaps playing for free with the right audience is a good marketing vehicle. Time will tell - but I have already responded to one unsolicited request for a quote for a corporate party at Callenwolde in 2013 - and that is one more than I had before this experiment.

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