A Steinway Employee

I've begun a new chapter in my musical career, and it is with the storied brand Steinway and Sons. First off I must say I have never met a Steinway piano that I did not like. In fact, the most rewarding solo piano gig I have had so far in Georgia was playing the Steinway grand piano at Houston's in Midtown Atlanta once or twice a week for a couple of years. That piano was perfectly regulated, magnificent in it's intonation, and rich with singing overtones. It is heaven to play it, and the subtle nuanced sounds it produces will linger with me always. My new job is to oversee the Music Academy at Steinway Piano Galleries of Atlanta. I am also opening a teaching studio there, and will be doing my best to build up the music program at two locations. Hopefully along the way I will sell a piano or several. I couldn't be more proud to be associated with this company, and feel excited and honored. This opportunity culminates many years of teaching, consulting, and selling for me to leverage. I can see a longer brighter future in education and sales for me, and it feels good. http://steinwaypianogalleries.com/lessons